DMV Hearings in Bakersfield

DMV Hearings in Bakersfield

If you’re facing DUI charges and have a DMV hearing in Bakersfield, you need legal help fast. Having a professional DUI attorney from Koenig Law Office in your corner with years of experience and the education needed to fight for your rights is the difference between a conviction and reduced charges. At a DMV hearing, the future of your license is determined.

This administrative hearing is held at a DMV office and not at a criminal court. The issue at the hearing is whether your driver’s license will be suspended after being arrested for DUI in or around Bakersfield, California. After an arrest, you must request a hearing within the 10-day clock, or your driver’s license will automatically be suspended at the end of the 30 days of your temporary license.

How to Win at a DMV Hearing in Bakersfield

There are many issues that the hearing officer must consider. First, did the arresting officer have probable cause to believe you were driving under the influence? Next, did they have a lawful cause to arrest you? Were you driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or greater (more than the legal state limit)? Was there a search warrant? Also, if you allegedly refused to submit to the breath or blood DUI test, were you told that your driving privileges would be suspended for one year or revoked for up to three? Lastly, did you willfully refuse to submit to the sample?

After these issues are arrested, the DMV hearing officer will decide to suspend your driver’s license or to reverse the suspension. If this happens, this is a not guilty verdict that our DUI attorney hopes to set into place by using the defense strategies mentioned above for each one of our clients facing DUI charges in Bakersfield.

Other Defense Strategies for DUI

One of the most common defense strategies for DUI is that you weren’t driving. For instance, maybe you were sleeping it off in your car. If you were arrested for DUI and didn’t drive or had no intent to drive, being arrested for DUI is unlawful. Next, you may have been arrested at an illegal DUI or driver’s license checkpoint. Even if you were driving under the influence, if you were arrested at a checkpoint that didn’t follow legal requirements, you would win at your DMV hearing in Bakersfield. Other possible defenses include no probable cause to detain you for DUI, no 15-minute observation period, or equipment malfunction.

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