Bakersfield 2nd DUI Offense Defense

Bakersfield 2nd DUI Offense Defense

If you’ve been convicted of a 2nd DUI offense in Bakersfield California , you will face harsh penalties. At Koenig Law Office, we have years of experience defending clients who are facing DUI charges with a prior DUI conviction on their record in California. Immediately after being arrested and charged with DUI, you should retain the highly- rated legal help of a 2nd offense DUI defense attorney from our California law firm. A prosecutor must first prove you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs or you had a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher at the time you were driving.

Penalties and Multiple DUI Convictions in Bakersfield

When you’re facing a second DUI conviction in California , penalties worsen. A 2nd offense DUI defense conviction can lead to a jail sentence of 90 days to a year, fines of up to $1,000, and a two-year suspension of one’s driver’s license. When it comes to these convictions, it is difficult to reinstate driving privileges if you’ve been convicted of a 2nd DUI offense. However, with the help of a 2nd offense DUI defense lawyer from our Bakersfield California law firm, it can be achieved.

To have your license reinstated, you must provide documentation that you have auto insurance that is current and proof that you completed the alcohol treatment program ordered by the court. Some individuals may also be required to have an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle.

How to Win a Jury Trial for Subsequent DUI Offenses

A qualified prosecutor must present evidence that you failed to pass field sobriety tests, your driving patterns showed that you were intoxicated, or you exhibited symptoms of intoxications such as slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, or the smell of alcohol. A breath, urine, or blood test may also be used to indicate a BAC test at or above .08.

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