Misdemeanor Charges Defense in Bakersfield

When you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor in Bakersfield, it can be scary and stressful. While these charges are considered less than that of felonies, they can still impact your life. A misdemeanor charges defense attorney in Bakersfield, California from Koenig Law Office can answer any questions you have about your charges. We are well versed in California criminal law and know how to uphold it in all legal proceedings and court when needed. You may be curious if you’ll face jail time, how much you’ll pay in fines, and the next steps of the process. We can guide you every step of the legal process with ease.

Consequences Associated with a Misdemeanor Conviction in Bakersfield

A misdemeanor conviction can lead to six months to a year in county jail and fines up to $1,000. After leaving jail, you will have a criminal record, which could affect where you can live and what job you can hold. Therefore, it’s important to hire an experienced misdemeanor charges defense attorney who can help you to stay out of jail at all costs.
In many instances, you can get probation for your charges, which can last one to three years. During this time, you may be required to do community service, be on house arrest or wear electronic monitoring, participate in counseling or treatment programs, pay victim restitution, or other stipulations. By having an experienced Bakersfield misdemeanor charges defense attorney by your side, you improve the chances of receiving probation instead of going to jail.

Does a Misdemeanor Give you a Criminal Record?

A misdemeanor charge results in a criminal record when you plead guilty, you plead no contest, or you are found guilty at trial. To skip this jail time, there may also be an option for California misdemeanor probation. If you successfully complete probation, a judge may dismiss charges, and there will be no conviction and no criminal records.

Otherwise, a conviction does stay on your criminal record until it is expunged or sealed. One of our lawyers, however, can help you to go through the expungement process. To be eligible to expunge, you must complete probation and must not currently be charged with or on probation for any criminal offense.

Consult with a Bakersfield California Misdemeanor Charges Defense Attorney

When it comes to misdemeanor charges in California, it’s important to retain experienced legal counsel that can protect your rights from Koenig Law Office. Our experienced defense legal team has fought cases like yours for years with success. We approach each case individually and analyze the details while brainstorming defense strategies that apply to your case. To schedule a professional legal consultation to discuss your misdemeanor charges in California with a misdemeanor charges defense attorney , call our law firm today at 661-706-8555.