Assault & Battery Charges Defense in Bakersfield, California

Assault & Battery Charges Defense in Bakersfield, California

After you’ve been arrested for an assault and battery charge, it’s important to retain experienced legal counsel who has a proven track record of defending individuals like you. Our professional assault and battery charges defense attorney team at Koenig Law Office can represent clients every step of the legal process. We also can explain each charge fully as we understand California criminal law, and we know how to uphold it in all legal proceedings and court when needed.

California Assault and Battery Laws

Per California Penal Code 240 , assault is defined as any unlawful attempt with present ability to commit a violent injury on another person. Depending on the type of assault that you have been charged with will determine how one of our assault and battery charges defense attorneys will approach your particular case. A battery charge (per California Penal Code 242) is defined as willfully and unlawfully touching a person in an offensive or harmful way. This can include giving unwanted contact or even hitting someone. Our assault and battery charges defense legal team in Bakersfield, California can strategize defenses that will help to protect our clients fully.

Possible Defense Strategies for Assault and Battery Charges

A strong way to fight these charges in Bakersfield is with the help of our defense team. We know various legal defenses that can allow you to beat these charges. Some of these assault & battery charges include:

  • You acted in self-defense or in defense of someone else
  • You didn’t act willfully (the accident defense)
  • Parental right to discipline your child (reasonable and not excessive force here)

Whatever the case, our defense team can analyze your case specifically and customize defense strategies that apply to your case. Our goal is to help get you reduced or dropped assault and battery charges in Bakersfield, California.

Call an Assault and Battery Charges Defense Attorney Today for a Professional Legal Consultation

You can’t just chance your livelihood. This means that you need to hire professional legal counsel from Koenig Law Office to defense you. Our assault and battery charges defense team has the experience, skills, and resources needed to get you the results that you want and deserve. Ultimately, several defenses can be used, and that will need to be brainstormed during the initial consultation process. To schedule a professional legal consultation with our assault and battery charges defense lawyer team in Bakersfield California, call our law firm today at 661-706-8555.