Client Charge Result
C.M. Willfully Resisting Peace Officer Trial – Hung Jury – Case Dismissed
M.D. Public Intoxication Dismissed
M.A. 3rd DUI Negotiated Plea.  No jail time, agreed to alcohol classes, fine, and interlock device.
E.C. Criminal Threat Dismissed and pled to a different charge that will also be dismissed after one year.
O.M. DUI Dismissed and charged with a different vehicle code.  No Jail. No DUI school. Small fine. No License Suspension.
R.C. DMV – Refuse Chemical Testing We proved it was not a refusal.  No suspension.
M.V. DUI with Accident Dismissed.
S.E. 2nd DUI No jail time.  Case dismissed upon completion of short program.6
S.E. DMV DUI Hearing No suspension
J.T. DUI with Accident Case dismissed upon completion of short program.
L.R. Public Intoxication Dismissed
M.J. We sued a doctor for Medical Malpractice Jury Trial was successful and the doctor paid for the injuries.
M.G. DUI 22 BAC.  Settled for no jail time.  Short DUI school and fines.
M.G. DMV DUI Hearing No suspension.
G.R. DUI DUI Dismissed.  Pled to reduced charge to be dismissed in 1 year.
E.B. DUI Trial – Hung Jury – Case Dismissed
C.H. Public Intoxication Dismissed.