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Bo Koening - Bakersfield DUI Attorney

Aggressive Criminal Defense in Bakersfield, California

Criminal charges in Bakersfield should not be the reason for despair. Strong criminal defense can make all the difference, transforming a hopeless case into a promising verdict. The Koenig Law Office can guide you through this process, helping you avoid harsh sentences.

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The Koenig Law Office is located in the heart of Bakersfield, California. Bo Koenig is willing to accept clients from Bakersfield, Tehachapi, Lamont, Mojave, Shafter, Delano, and Ridgecrest. He thoroughly understands the California criminal justice system and is, therefore, more than capable of navigating the legal process and delivering a favorable case outcome.

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Bakersfield DUI Attorney and Criminal Defense

The Koenig Law Office will provide legal services to those facing Felony, Misdemeanor, or DUI charges in California. If you are faced with a criminal investigation or a formal criminal complaint has already been filed, then it becomes imperative to seek legal advice from a qualified attorney. Often enough, time is of the essence.  Your odds and chances of a successful defense will significantly increase the sooner you hire an attorney.  There are many laws and legal strategies that must be invoked sooner rather than later.

Types of DUI Cases We Defend in Bakersfield

We can help represent you in any type of DUI charge.  Our office is highly skilled in representing 1st-time DUI’s, multiple DUI’s, felony DUI’s, DUI causing injuries, as well as any drug related DUI’s.  With a proven track record of success, we can successfully challenge your criminal DUI charges AND challenge the DMV to keep your license from any suspension.


About DMV Hearings in California

If you were arrested for a DUI related offense then the officer most likely seized your actual drivers license, and then provided you with a “temporary” pink-sheet paper license.  This starts a couple deadlines that require your immediate attention.  First, this temporary license is valid just like an actual license and will remain valid for only 30 days, unless you take action!

To challenge the DMV, you MUST REQUEST A HEARING NO LATER THAN 10 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF THE ARREST.  The DMV will automatically move to suspend that license after 30 days.  However, we can stop this process and save your license until your case is properly presented.  You have the right to contest your suspension during a DMV hearing, which is also referred to as an Administrative Per-Se Hearing.  This APS hearing will allow us to obtain the police report and any other evidence to help build your defense.  This hearing is critical as this gives our DUI attorney the opportunity to analyze your care and to report any errors that they find. During a DUI court hearing – which takes place approximately 30 days after your arrest – we can utilize a variety of DUI defenses to help you get reduced or dropped charges.

Domestic Violence Attorney in Bakersfield

Domestic violence can include physical violence, threats or harassment. With the help of a domestic violence attorney in Bakersfield from Koenig Law Office, you can be represented the way you need to be. We have represented those seeking restraining orders from someone as well as defended clients against unwarranted restraining orders.

When you’re looking for a domestic violence attorney in or around Bakersfield, choose our legal team. We fully understand all California domestic violence laws and can uphold them in court. We have experience helping individuals in aggravated or domestic battery, domestic or aggravated assault, stalking, restraining orders, harassment, rape, sexual battery, among other types of cases. The penalties associated with these criminal charges can be harsh, making it that much more important to have legal counsel by your side.

Call To Schedule a Free Legal Consultation Today

Whether you need help filing a restraining order or seek legal representation in court defending against an unwarranted restraining order against you, call Koenig Law Office at (661) 706-8555 to schedule a consultation. During this important conversation, we can discuss the particulars of your situation and offer you legal advice. Don’t hesitate to contact our Bakersfield domestic violence attorney today. We’re waiting for your call and can’t wait to serve you.