Commercial Driver DUI Defense in Bakersfield

Commercial Driver DUI Defense in Bakersfield

California DUI laws are strict, especially for commercial drivers. If you hold a CDL (commercial driver’s license), you will be treated differently. This is because you were considered under the influence if your blood alcohol level is just .04 (half of that of the legal limit for other drivers over the age of 21). You also are treated as a commercial driver even if you’re not in a commercial vehicle when you’re arrested. A DUI can result in having your CDL suspended. This means that you will lose your job. This makes it important to hire an experienced commercial driver DUI defense attorney from Koenig Law Office to represent you.

Commercial Drivers DUI Penalties in Bakersfield

All DUI convictions in the State of California can include hefty fines, suspended or restricted license, jail time, and even mandatory DUI school. However, as a CDL driver, you can face extra penalties that include no restricted driving privileges, a suspended CDL license for a year, and increased insurance rates. Subsequent DUI convictions can lead to losing your CDL license for life. With our legal team’s help at Koenig Law Office, we can brainstorm defense strategies that can lead to reduced or dropped charges.

Commercial Driver DUI Defense Strategies

There are several approaches that our commercial driver DUI defense attorney team can use. Our first objective is to ensure that your breath or blood test was accurate. Chemical tests do have a margin of error, which can lead to a conviction. We also can examine the history of the machine or lab for errors. Next, we can challenge whether your arrest was legal and whether you exhibited symptoms of being intoxicated.

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Your future depends on your CDL, and if you’ve been arrested for DUI in Bakersfield, California, you need to fight this charge to ensure your livelihood is secure. Our commercial driver DUI defense attorney team at Koenig Law Office has years of experience representing CDL drivers like you. Our proven track record of experience and success speaks for itself. We offer new clients professional legal consultations to discuss their situations and to begin the brainstorming process of possible defense strategies. To schedule this important legal consultation with our experienced Bakersfield, California defense lawyer, call our law firm today at 661-706-8555.